Past Games

You're an alien, so your job is to abduct your quota of people and or animals! Each creature has its own ritual, but to abduct them into your alien spaceship, you must swap their brains to swa
A game about the sacrifices in a lifetime for the betterment of the next generation.
Senseless is a game about perceiving the world without your senses. You begin exploring without the ability to smell, hear, see, or feel, but slowly regain different senses throughout your journey.
Super Seizure Bros. takes place in a super market, where an elderly supermarket employee must complete a full 8-5 day at work without getting fired. His health conditions unfortunately make completing some of these tasks difficult. If his heart rate gets too high it may cause him to go into cardiac arrest or seize. The player must carefully monitor his or her health and avoid abusive co-workers in certain situations. The game will use simple w a s d and spacebar keys Hint: Don't break the eggs!
Race your comet around the sun with other players while avoiding the dangers of Outer Spaaaaaace!
Splice is a card game where players splice together DNA to resurrect extinct animals. An archeological discovery has unearthed the remains of the most exotic animals of Earth's past. As competing scientists, you're racing to sift through the biological remains and separate the animals' genetic code from "junk" DNA. Assembling the tiny nucleotide segments into base pairs, players need to order the pairs into sequences that match the gene formula for each extinct animal.
Robopunk is a 2D bullet hell shmup under the command of Robopunk. As Robopunk, the player must travel from asteroid to asteroid on his quest to causing chaos and destruction. Leave your mark as you help Robopunk graffiti over the universe.