Konstantinos Mourelas

Past Games

A 2vs2 online twin-stick brawler where vampiric versions of characters from all over the public domain come together to fight in a tournament that will decide Count Dracula's successor, Nosfera-2
Qix Awakening is a new look at the classic 1981 puzzle video game Qix reimagined with the Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening art style ❤️ Move on the borders of the level and if you are brave en
A small game about repairing an engine. Shouldn't take you more than a minute to finish it :)
Who doesn't like doing house chores? No-one! Especially if your family is getting in your way! Get annoyed enough and shoot the heck out of them!
A VR detective story inspired by greek noir culture
Tom is an astronaut. He is on a mission. Tom must perform his daily ritual to survive. Tom is brave. Or Not.