Past Games

A musical walking simulator. Unravel a relative's past by finding mementos in their home and combine them based on their musical theme. (There are 3 good story endings)
3 AM after a night of drinking and you are totally wasted. It's time to see who can still play a standard major scale. Pick your instruments and get ready!
Sacrifice virgins to the great demon and keep him happy. If his anger bar depletes - you're toast. Four players co-op! XBox 360 controllers required! Alt+F4 to Quit the game.
One last slice of pizza left. What do we do now? MEXICAN STANDOFF!!! 4 players 4 controllers lots of tomato sauce!
Each player picks a corner button => One tap to jump - Double jump to burrow => Change gopher colors by picking gems. The last one to borrow decides which color is the GopherMageddon.