Past Games

Obsolete is a narrative adventure with physical puzzles.
You are a voluteer in a refugee camp and your goal is to interact with them to know their history and interests.
This is a nonsense game about a mage in a room which moves between 4 quadrants on a defined sequence.
Create, manage and maintain your Universe based on the manipulation of strings. Based on the principle of Strings Theory.
Is a two player game where they are involved in situations that needs their cooperative work. One player is "Stickman" and the other player is "The Hand".
This is a game for two players, every player will be in the left or right side of the screen, and both must reach a score to win the game. The level is full of traps!
CardiovascuJam simulates the function of the human heart. The goal of the game is to prevent the fat cells clog and deteriorate the blowing artery in the top of the screen. For this, you must select and delete them through a number pattern (numberpad from 1 to 9) There are larger fat cells that motivate other fat cells to move faster. The blue cells have 2 lives and die with the click of the mouse. The "powerups" support the goal of the game.

Hearty Games