Kleber Andrade

Past Games

An alien makes a forced landing on the planet ARRET and tries to steal their energy sources to get back to his planet, but he did not expect to have to face the defenses of this planet.
Blind Explorer is a spacial exploration game with a quite exquisite gameplay. The game is set in a dark frozen planet never explored by the human race.
Kimaro (Old Shaman) and Yeti (Young Amazon) are caught by Portuguese Invaders. Without memories or weapons, they want to get away from the portuguese fort, but everytime they face new challenges.
Four players representing the Fire, Water, Air and Earth elements.
At the moment you start your first level, you read a message that is carved in the scenario and that tells you a piece of information about yourself and the place you are. Your objective is to reach the end of the level alive, avoiding obstacles and challenges that may appear in front of you. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, you must avoid holes, jump through platforms and escape from fire, all to reach the end of the level. What you don't know is that everytime you finish the level, you restart it again, but every time with a new rule added to the gameplay. But the big question is: can you reach beyond?