Past Games

You're an alien looking for your long lost lover (whom you'll never find).
After the final fight with the Galactic Great Duke of Shrimp Nebula, reality breaks and now everyone is half blind!
Thump is the second game made by our team. It features stealth and rogue-like dexterity. Find your prey within the crowd of people. If you are the prey. survive by working with your friends. Only one player get to use headphones to listen to the sound. 4 player Co-op versus game. DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS ARE IN THE COMMENT.
You find yourself on a wooden plank on the oceans of Thump. Surrounding you are ice tiles that are generally brittle in nature and deadly mines buried in ice by the frost giants. Use your heart beat to detect mines in the direction you face and evade them. Get to the wooden planks on the other end. Your reward is the credits scene.
You're in a parallel universe and need to kill your not-so-parallel twin! \ Quantum physics tells us that you can neither touch him nor get the gold in that universe. \ \ Your evil twin mirrors your actions, while sucking your life for every move you make. \ Can you get all three gold coins in a level and still kill your twin? \
In Bloody Barbarian you play the last of your race, and with your bear-head-lazer-eyed branded sword you try and eliminate the Angry-Faced- Helmeted-Avengers by extreme prejudice. The more gore the better.
Navigate the maze that isn't what it seems...