Past Games

Reber-tel viaja por el espacio buscando a su antiguo robot amigo X-13.
Control a swarm of automated repair drones to fix a military fleet while they travel on an asteroid field and get greatly damaged. Input: Mouse click and drag
2 players coop game: each character moves independently, but the abilities are shared: JUMP, TURN /STOMP, SHOOT. Only Player 1 can JUMP or TURN, but when he does, Player 2 also does it.
You are an alien surrounded by Gauchos trying to kill you, kill them back with your spiralling ray gun of waving death.
Two cults battle to the death performing rituals to invoke demons. Only one cult will survive.
To players play simultaneously with minimal explanation of what they are supposed to do. Interactive objects are hinted, and the controls are super simple so that they don't get in the player�
Hughh must Help Igoor to find BRAIN. Both can move differents objects The game is about two realities , you can see all but ...the things are moving.
English: You are a junkie that being chase by the police and you need to escape, you can jump to get drugs to keep running, you lose when the police catch you. Español: Sos un drogradicto que te persigue la policia y tenes que escapar de ellos, podes saltar para agarrar pildoras y correr mas rapido y perdes cuando te atrapa la policia.
Gumby is having some troubles. When he get's injured, from his blood, a clone reemerges. But that's not the bad part of this. The thing is that his clones not always are so gentile as he is.