Past Games

Dans Tel Fish tel Père, vous partez à la recherche de votre fils, perdu dans son propre cauchemar. Basculez dans le rêve et affrontez les monstres qui peuplent cet univers onirique subaquatique !
Bound by love is a cooperative game with two players, the goal being to move through a maze to find the way out. The difficulty is that the two players are linked together by such strong love that if
You're the sensei. They're the students. Teach your knowledge, masta! Xbox controller needed
Embody a Switchboard Operator during the cold war
Fish with your frien... Wait ! Fish AGAINST your friends. Catch fishes, bring them back to the docks, score and WIN
Catch all the candles before your opponent to achieve the ritual and become an invincible deadly awesome Archi-Vampire!!
A very hard game about choosing randomly selected weapon to complete rooms :p
"You see the other one as you really are".
Plate-Former Game Chasing Woman to fill our heart and avoid dying of love stress
Inspired by Mayan/Norse mythology, three concentric snakes defend the earth from falling marbles. The game is built for use with a \"DJ Hero\" style input device (Windows only), but can also be played with a keyboard.
Absorb enemies of your color, and avoid touching enemies of the opposite color. Switch color to absorb them all!