Past Games

Cute animals with opposite colors. Lion tries to herd them together. Does he find love in the end?
The game is a simple scrolling beat'em'up that is played with a Gamepad. You as a half-priest, half-plumber need to beat possessed appliances into submission to repair them!
A game about home chores and panic that you can play together in FB messenger.
2D Crowd surfing battle game. Punch your friend in the face and rock on!
A two player party game about a morning ritual that involves coffee. Try to replicate displaying symbols as fast as possible!
Relive your childhood by playing in a virtual doll house.
Escape the color devouring shadows with your friend! Jump higher and higher on platforms to reach freedom!
Two mighty entities battle over well-being of slightly obese consumers at local Burger Heaven. Player One plays as Heroic Medic who tries to resuscitate fallen people when player Two, who plays as Evil Death, tries to "help" people to pass over to next life. BTW, Death has a cow!!!