Past Games

You have to repair the coming platform in front of you to be able to continue moving. There is a 20 seconds timer.
Adventure of an alien that alienated from home.
[TR] Fazla mesai sonrası eve dönmeye çalışıyorsun. Otobüs tıklım tıklım, trafik ise durmuş. Ama bugün senin üstüne çok geldiler. Eve yürüyerek dönmeye karar veriyorsun.
GGJ 2018 theme is announced in New Zealand. All communication channels, including internet and wireless communication is blocked to prevent Hawaiians' early access to the theme.
You have to escape from the salt throwing wormish-hand.
StoneCross is an action roleplaying game. Collect energy to win the game!
By jumping with other peaople, save the earth from getting destroyed by meteors. Each player selects a side of the world: west, east, north or south.
A little alien with a spaceship visits the planet earth. However, the oval shaped ship is damaged. A boy finds it and enjoys stone skipping with his newly found object.
Dance like a wave. Use up and down keys on you game pad or keyboard to follow the leader and dance like a wave.
A man wakes up in a maze. He cannot see anything but, there must be a way out. As you walk in the maze with W, A, S, D keys, maze reveals itself with echoes of your sound.
Bestow is a game played with 2 people: One warrior, who tries to protect the island with a controller, and one ritual caster, who executes the ritual steps in front of Kinect in order to keep the warr
Play the rituals of a life style with this three mini games. Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll
"Bosslu Sey" or "Bossy Sey" is a BOSS-fighting game. Simply put, there is a big spider and three little spiders and all four of these characters are being controlled by players.
A dystopian world and a shaman decided to slaughter all corrupt people.
You must prevent Lumberjacks to chop the trees and save the forest.
Game jam developers without any ideas or energy chillax with a weird way...
The King has no idea how to find the answer of the riddles in his adventure. What should he do now?