Keno San Pablo

Past Games

The habitual ritual of an everyday office Panda; keep your stress levels under control, using a mouse controlled Panda arm, as your coworkers pile tasks onto your desk.
Basu fights for survival in the streets of Downtown LA. CONTROLS: A or <--- = Left D or ---> = Right CATCH 1pt = Apples and Baby Basu -1pt = Aluminum Can DROP -1 pt = Apple -10p
A game about two adorable mascot mammals mired in mystical mortal combat far above the ground. P1 controls: Move - WASD, attack - spacebar P2 controls: Move - arrow keys, attack - backspace
Step into the role of an ace detective and solve a kidnapping. Who Kidnapped Charlie? Get to it Ace Detective! Use the arrow keys and space to interact with Suspects and Doors.