Ken from the Deep

Past Games

Your skyscraper office is full of robots. This is normal. But they’ve killed almost everyone inside. That’s different than yesterday. In Data the Dead, you are tasked with flying a drone through
January 22nd, 2017 ----- Donald J. Trump has been the President of the United States of America for less than 2 days and the country has been brought to the brink of utter destruction.
You are a sentient robot on a space cruise ship. In order to escape the ship and find a life of freedom you must pass as a human being.
Lenny is hungry... *VERY* hungry. Today is Lenny's lucky day because he found a treasure trove of delicious food. Help Lenny eat as much as possible but be careful: With Great Fat, Comes Great Gravity. Platform/System: Windows Microsoft Windows Phone Brief Play Description: Lenny's Lucky Day is a game about eating too much. The game is a platform puzzle game. Objective: Collect all the food and reach the exit. Controls : Windows Phone: Tilt and Tap. Windows: Left and Right Arrows; Space and Up to Jump. This game was built in the XNA frame work using C#. We started with the platformer template offered on the Microsoft App Hub to create a foundation of our project. From there, our goals were to create elaborate shifting backgrounds with boundless levels. We created an item collection system that affected the character's abilities and appearance. Our character, Lenny the Squirrel, will get fatter as he eats more food objects. Getting fatter limits his jumping abilities, so the player must be clever to collect all the treats.