Past Games

As a healer, you have to repeat the daily routine of taking care of a sickened village for 10 days. Your decisions have major impact on each of their lives.
ALEX & CARLOS are two aliens that are very different but so much alike. One day they catch a glimpse of each other and embark in an adventure of friendship and cooperation.
The Line of Hearts. That is what connect us. You are a person who is in a coma state, and your soul is walking through the world of the living. Your life is vanishing and you must band broken lives in order to extend your lifetime and maybe come back from the coma. But some deity doesn't think you deserve to come back!
[[ This file represents the mechanics gameplay, but still does not have the challenge elements implemented ]] \ \ An alternative theory about the creation of the World. The Big Hand has created our planet through cicles of creation. However, every lap that it runs around it's new creation will become a challenge for the next run around it.