Past Games

The Zorstaceans are a race of alien warriors, perfectly evolved to hunt and kill humans. They are in fact so perfectly evolved to do so, that they have killed all of the other races in the galaxy.
Juniper is a young harpy who works as a guard in a trading post. She has fought hard to earn everything she has in a world ripe with racial prejudice.
A game about love and acceptance. To play the game in a browser, go to http://www.greenfoot.org/scenarios/7402 To save the game, then play, download Greenfoot at http://www.greenfoot.org/download Download the game and unzip the file. Open the project file in Greenfoot. right click Level1 and select "new Level1()" click play at the bottom of the Greenfoot window. Play Instructions. 1. Use the arrow keys to move. 2. Follow Your Heart.
With carefully planned schemes, work with or against other players to appease your god and destroy Anokera. None shall survive.