Past Games

Short 3D adventure game where you are told to hunt a thylacine. Do you? After Mother says, "Take this" make sure you go towards the rock and pick up the gun.
Victoria Drummond MBE (1894–1978), was the first woman marine engineer in the UK and the first woman member of Institute of Marine Engineers.
Your child is calling for you. Something is wrong at home. As you find your way home, a tiger attacks. Injured, you arrive home to find the entrance blocked by fallen trees.
Rube Goldberg puzzle game about a pufferfish. Petey was worried he wouldn’t wake up so he trained his pufferfish to transmit his morning alarm.
Tune in, solve a mystery, save a life. Mrs Whistler is missing and the only clue to her disappearance are corrupted tape recordings on her synthesizer. Be the crime scene investigator who creates sound waves to cancel out the corrupting sound waves, so the original recordings can be heard.
0 Hearts It is Yule, the winter Solstice, mid-winter and the sun has died. As a trainee druid, you must bring it back to life or your people will perish. Raise the Sun is a 3D single player first person explorer game where the player must complete the Yule ritual of bringing light to the statue of the Sun God to wake the sun. Don't let the candle go out. Compete the rites in the correct order to ensure the God awakes in a benevolent mood.
Escape a zombie-besieged apartment building with 4 other strangers… or not. 5 people must work together using 2 keys each. Only one thing is certain. By the end of the game, you are no longer strangers.