Kassio Sousa

Past Games

The word "REPAIR" means "REPARAR" in portuguese. The word "REPARAR" can be divided in two: "RÉ" (reverse/backwards) and "PARAR" (stop).
Aqui tem sustenabilidade! Consertando o que presta com o que não presta, removendo peças boas de computadores quebrados para reparar outros computadores.
Home means no one is left behind. Your objective is to help to rescue your missing brother through hacking houses using your computer and finding which one he is being kept to save him.
Você foi capturado e torturado durante a primeira grande guerra.
Running to the cave, escaping from the sun
A priest and his apprentice go to the Vatican library to study about rituals of exorcism of demons. Something 's wrong when reading the scriptures and the priest ends up being possessed.