Past Games

"Churrasco" is a Brazillian habit where people gather together to eat barbecue, drink, listen to a lot of music and have fun!
Help the pidgeon send relevant letters (under construction) Game inspired in the song "Skyline Pigeon", by Elton John https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTusxEh_w1E
You need to search and decode misterious radio waves signals. Embark on this epic journey Over the desert, Over the sea, Over the waves...
The player is invoked by spirits and needs complete their quest, to do that, he will use his skills to complete their request ----- The game is INCOMPLETE and was used for learning purposes.
This game was made thinking of the problems we actually see in our reality here in Sao Paulo. The idea is not to show any way of "hero", but to make fun of reality. You are "Leraldo G