Past Games

Neoff is an abstract puzzle game. Move by clicking an adjacent tile. You must only move to a tile with opposite color to your tile.
Oh no, oh woes! The witch is crossed, and now I'm lost! She tossed me in the woods, I might be trapped for good. You feathery friend, please lend me a hand. These tools I can lend, so you
​Build your golem by connecting pieces together. Avoid piranhas. Find your heart. Press space bar or click to start. ASDW to move. Mouse to rotate.
Pack your things and go explore the universe. Drag and drop the items you wish to bring with you to the next planet. Rotate with spacebar, tab or leftclick Try to have a balanced life.
2 to 4 players. X-Box controllers. In a classroom full of raving kids, will your love letter reach your sweetheart?
A contemplative zen-like game about a school of fish being eaten by sharks. Click or Touch to move fishes. Avoid having your school eaten. The game ends when you lost too many fishes.
Let's burn things and do magic stuff. Mouse only.
A boardgame about mind reading and democracy