Past Games

A therapy game. Just another day at the reception.
Bompemau has left the building and there's a Bompemau shaped hole in your heart. Can anyone ever replace him?
A simple puzzle game about decoding messages sent by aliens
A strange noise, can you locate the source...?
You're it! :)
A game about Alvar Aalto, the famous Finnish architect and designer. Aalto means wave.
A sixteen-year-old girl Lilith receives a summoning book from her parents as a birthday present. She gets excited and runs to the attic to perform rituals to summon demons for her service.
Survive through an apocalyptic wasteland with clicking through objects and making them interact in the right order.
In this game you control a little thing what has no heart. It sees giant heart and tries to get it. Along it's way it collects small hearts and trade them with others to gain their abililies.