Past Games

This is a game where you play as a piece of toast, smashing things! Fight the establishment and assert your modern millennial sensibilities by destroying family heirlooms while you try to rack up t
Welcome to the ship, here's a quick run down on your new job. You're the transport operator, your job is simple.
From the team Très Bien Lesbian comes L-Wave, the first (that we know of) Robot Polyamory Dating Simulator. You are El, A lady robot Barista looking for love at her work.
-Puzzle platformer -You will recall your habits -Then you must break them
It finally happened. The Fortold Hero fought the Major Antagonist. And you, the Humble Weapon Merchant, and now down on your luck. Nobody seems to want weapons in the unprecedented Era of Peace.
Walk around an unfinished level, picking up items and finding a secret or two!
What dreams may come must give us pause...or make us run! NightmarEscape is a third-person, multi-player puzzle game that pits you against (or with) three other unnamed players in a surreal, twilight landscape. A shadowy monster trails your every move, finding you by your level of fear and the noise you produce. Your only way out of this bad dream is to look for the lost objects of your childhood, and avoid becoming the monster you're trying to outwit and outrun. Master your fear, move fast but don't pause too long - your emotions betray you in this nightmarish battle to stay clam, stay awake, and stay alive!
A robot is sent underground by the surface dwellers to find a rare and precious ore. As the robot digs to help solve his makers' energy crisis, he unwittingly does more harm than good.
The Melbourne Mega Mashup! A collaboration of over 100 programmers, artists, designers, writers, musicians, journalists, and more: we are proud to present the Credits Game of the #IGDAMJAM.
Guide your space ship to saftey by slinging it around stellar objects!