Past Games

Slaughter the gladiators to sacrifice their blood to the gods who will bestow you with their gifts.
Every x seconds you get 2 random weapons that can either be useful or useless. How long can you last? Move with WASD, jump with space and attack with left or right mouse button or U and I key. Ev
Space pirate paintball. Music: https://soundcloud.com/kaetemi/sets/global-game-jam-2014
Find your way through the level, pick up DNA to modify the next world, go to the exit. Don't die. The game itself is alive, it's evolving. Vote your level up or down and the next one will be a combination of your favorites! Instructions: arrows to move, Z to shoot, X, 1, 2, 3 to select weapon. The level exit is on the top-right and the DNA pickups add features to the next level(s) First prize in the category Graphics/Style at the Global Game Jam Belgium.
The island is flooding! Try to save your villagers from extinction as long as possible.
About a donkey... and a monkey... on a street...