Past Games

As a covert angent, you should find your Number Station's frequency which will deliver the code that you need to succeed.
Children Survival
You'll help our primitive tribe with their Totems and their Rituals by competing in several mini games in this fun little mobile game.
In Big Flush Theory, you are a bacteria, the sole survivor of a bleach attack inside a water closet. Control and inspire your minions with the beat of your drum.
A co-op NES game that can be played with an emulator or on a console with a flash card. The main objective is to take special items spread on map to the middle for completing a ritual.
Neanderthal Survival Game about keeping your population alive as long as you can. Beware as these uncivilized folk tend to eat their fellows!
A puzzle platformer set in a maze and it's reflection, which one can be seen and other can be climbed. Decide your way up in Light side and climb it at inverted side!
Developed during GGJ Ege 2013
Ziggy is a little girl. She lived happily with her parents and imaginary friends. One night while watching the sky trough her window she saw a falling star. She panicked, because the falling star was headed towards to the planet where her alien friend Stella lived. Ziggy told the star to stop and the star stopped. Since this was her imaginary world her word was the rule, so she stopped the time around falling stars, meteors and other space objects and rescued her alien friends from extinction. For downloading game musics: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7EKKZZVG
The story of a man who was cought in his lover's house, running to his home, but naked. He has left his clothes. He has many funny stuff happen to him during this adventure.