Past Games

People say that videogames make us violent, that is not true, everyone knows that lag in games make us violent.
What is the common ritual that has every kid at the school? THE BREAK TIME!!!! Play as a child who tries to avoid the other kids that are trying to steal your sadwich.
Two players have too cool down their about-to-meltdown nuclear plants. Only one nuclear plant will survive. So Good Luck!
Is a runner based in a paper made world. where a very funny chameleon has to survive jumping on the platforms that are the same color as him.
You control a magic bunny called Conill Màgic. A dark wizard has stolen his carrot-heart, and you must find the pieces hidden in the treasure chests that look as tree stump found in the laberynth. But be careful! Because some in the magic forest don't want Conill Magic to succeed! Not all tree stumps contain heart pieces, some creatures of the forest are hidden in those to scare you! Conill Màgic is very skittish, try not to cause him a heart attack!