Justin Whitfort

Past Games

The Big Bang saw all of the world's elements coming from a singular point, the original home for everything.
Observation Post Dodge Cross is behind the frontlines of the war against the Machines, but one of the machines just walked straight into camp. A visual novel.
Be a good boss.
You are the best Interstellar Dance Team around, but you've got one problem; your shipboard AI has had enough of your Sensational Hits and is trying to kill you!
SCREENCHEAT is a 2-4 Player splitscreen First Person Shooter where the aim of the game is to hunt down the other characters.
Codependency, a game for two players, is the journey of two lost souls sharing a single heartbeat, who must switch roles to explore their dangerous environment. Control one of two appealing characters as they seek out answers in a narrated experience. The heartbeat is both a blessing and a curse, for with it lies the potential to return to the land of the living. Its carrier will be hunted down by heartless denizens, and only the intervention of a now dead and virtually indestructible companion can save them. This power comes with a cost, as without a heartbeat the dead quickly tire and slow. Learning how to master the switch will be an invaluable skill, and with it you can progress through 9 levels and a challenging endless mode. How to play: Take turns defending for one another by manoeuvring and switching. Both players at any point may switch roles. One player must stand at the portal long enough for the gates to open. Both players will make their escape through the gates. Keys: Player 1: W,A,S,D and SPACE to swap Player 2: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and SPACE to swap