Past Games

You're a man's best friend (aka boya) wondering in a post-apocalyptic world. Your task is to bring special items highlighted by your senses and to help your master to rebuild our society.
You are one of many baby demons laid by your mother and you need to become the best demon among all of your siblings.
Use transmissive mind powers to manipulate objects and reach the goal.
The hero finds himself working in an airport terminal. His epic quest is to find illegal items using xray machine and trying to avoid his boss' wrath. Find unexpected items!
Treasure Hunting game using AR markers through Digital Eyewear (Smart Glasses).
Heartstone escape is a labyrinth style game where your objective is to find Heartstones that fuel your train so that you could escape from certain demise. Open doors, push carts, find your fuel, survive for the name of your people! Journal entry: Day 11, Year of the mystical singing mushroom crystal I am last of my kind. Horrible news for my kind indeed, not to mention that the whole debacle isn't doing me any favors. Skunk men are a bunch of flee ridden, mangy wastes of tunnel space and their raids on our villages were quite common, but a full scale invasion… No one could see it coming and as you might of guessed from my opening statement didn't. The whole thing stunk. Heh. Any who, I barely escaped in our magical train (glad we built that). Bad news is that no one used the train in a millennium and apparently our magic was of the materialistic nature and I am pretty sure my transport is running out of fuel. Fuel in this case are Heartstones found in abandoned mine shafts.. Thanks ancestors.. With skunk men in full pursuit and not too far behind staying alive may become really difficult in the near future. Need to hur…….
A snake has eaten the mousey! You need to help mouse to get out of snake's deadly prison. If it's even possible, because it's ouroboros. Has mouse reached its dead?
A story of a poor virus trying to get out from a perfectly healthy bird he got thrown into due to evil scientists' scemes. THE virus vigoriously fights his way through, to way the freedom, new heights and new, fresh and tasty birds... till the extinction...
Typing-tutor type game which tries to deceive you by mixing up keys and eventually forcing you to learn different keyboard layout.