Julián Polo

Past Games

Estás perdido en un antiguo laberinto cargado de energías mágicas.
Two player game. Remote controlled robots play a sick game of keepaway with a bomb.
Gameplay: A two player game about exploding cars with radio bombs.
Here, we will use the ecolocalitation to find bananas and take care of the diferents enemys in the map.
INSTRUCTIONS ​Touch the top of a block to score a point. First player to score 100 points wins. You can shoot other players to blow them away.
A strong warrior and a fairy must help each other and complete the Ritual of the Song. STORY: The year is 304 AX.
-- UNFINISHED -- ONLY TWO LEVELS WORK -- Take the place of Dony, a man with no past memories stranded in an enigmatic room full of questions but no answers. Solve your way out of the different, bu