Juan García Hueso

Past Games

TETRIS has been broken, who you gonna call?... Take part of the action of the monkey repairing team that is behind every tetromino preview screen of every TETRIS game!
Neotokyo (Japan) 2018 A new era for sports has began, the new Mind transmission for animals and men has been created, and with it the most powerfull, popular and crazy sport introduces a change of t
The Rock and roll life is hard, we only want to MAKE SOME NOISE and push back that damn "zombie" groupies of the scenario. Survive waves of groupies, all that weight can break your scrap
It's a memory game where you have to collect specific items that you can see at the start of the game in a list for a short time. The game is designed to play 1 vs 1 players in local mode, you h