Past Games

You are a derelict on a derelict ship. The ship needs to be repaired. Explore the ship to find out what happened, and find a way to survive. - Text based interactive fiction
Take a short personality test to determine which of the 9 personality types in-game that match you the most!
This is an homage to the old VT-100 versions of Star Trek that used to run on mainframes around the country. It is a command line app written in C# which relies solely on Console.Write for output.
Waves are an oscillation that accompanies a transfer of energy. Terminal Valency is a game about creating a cascading wave through energy transfer.
The Sword or The PopTart? The erstwhile player chooses to fight one of three deadly creatures ... but at the same time his or her weapon is selected by popular vote on a webpage!
Silent Trust is a 2 player game in which one player plays an immobile "Observer" and the other plays a blind "Rover".

Hearty Games