Past Games

You are a football team's mascot. Your objective is to help organize the locker room and turn it into a home.
In this game, you are a robotCop that works in The Center Bureau of Analysis and Decodification of Defective Messages (CBADDM).
An old guy does not like a party happening close to his house.
In a dark but comic setting, you must gather followers to your wannabe evil cult and summon one of the creatures of the underworld to impress them.
Joana is a ghost kid who is lost in a unknown place, she needs to find a way to modify their own destiny!
Three robots, with different skills, seeking special gear parts in a steampunk factory!
You are a repair robot. You live inside a huge engine and need to fix all problems. You only know it's engine is very important to something and your mission is to keep it up and running. As all the engine, you need to keep your work in a certain pace, following a beat. As fast the beat are, more fast you work. When the beat is slow, your movement is slow but silent. But your work is not your only concern. Some older repair robots gone crazy and think you is the enemy. You cannot destroy them, you must run away from them. Can you keep the engine running?
The player has to get through the traps of a thrilling obstacles course.

Hearty Games