Joseph Spradley

Past Games

JamCoin had a choppy year since it's ICO in 2018. We raised one dollar and our value basis (LiteCoin) fell dramatically.
You are hosting a house show in your basement.
Ah, the holidays are here. And Lee Roy Leeroy has a 12-pack and a nice Christmas dinner waiting at home. He just needs to finish up one thing... Hopefully nothing goes wrong...
New math based digital currency. Step 1: ICO Step 2: ...transmission... Step 3: Profit! DM me for your free JamCoin - Can be used and exchanged at GGJ19!
Solo dev project about the ritual of sleep and dreams. Play along the story line of a student film to stay asleep and keep the weird dream going. Built to run as a chrome app .
Magic prisms elevate Chromamagnon through the spectrum in this quick puzzle of color.
A game about giving a wooden toy a real heart. How to play: The goal is to craft a special heart from a block of wood and bring it to life! Use touch gestures to drag away unneeded pieces of wood to shape the heart, tap away holes and dust mites, and finally polish away all the cracks and imperfections to reveal the real heart underneath :)
4 man team. Half Korean, Half American. A game about the challenges of love. Gameplay is a coop-multiplayer, single-keyboard, twister mechanic with the objective of reaching the goal together.
SUPÉR MATADOR 3 brings MATÍAS el MATADOR to a worldwide audience for the first time ever. Defeat the evil BULLISIMO in a wild spin on classic platforming action. Tres times the screens, tres times the adventure!