Past Games

Em meio a uma guerra de informações, duas agências internacionais tentam decifrar o código secreto da operação adversária.
Em "Pru", cada jogador controla um pombo correio tentando entregar as mensagens que lhe são passadas nos endereços corretos. Cada jogador recebe um endereço com um tipo de casa de uma det
Chaos Project is a semi-cooperative card game in which players are part of a group of rebels. The group has to survive and reach the closest rebel base in order to find shelter, food and water.
Is a imersive storytelling game that use a text and music to tell a mistery story. The gamer play as the heart of the main character, making him more anxious or tranquil, each one have consequences that will impact in the game course and ending. The Game Art is simple and there is no change during the game play, just scrooling text, audio and music. All the comands can be done by hearing and taping the mouse key. *Opitional feature: A narrator that will make the game able to be used by blind people.