Jol Phastory

Past Games

English: This is a Boardgame. Utilizes dices, cards and a simple map.
It's a game about a couple that get stuck in a wooden house during the winter, the woman have a injury, so the player need to go out of the house and provide some supplies for they to survive som
Transport the magic crystals from your tower into enemy towers to conquer them. Prepare to conquer all Fortaleza.
The Uganda Knuckles are dying, you need to repopulate them by transmitting the virus to transform others in Uganda Knuckles. Survive the run and capture as many Knuckles as you can and show them the
Amelia seeks putting an end to the human sacrifices made in honor of an evil deity. Amelia busca acabar com os sacríficios humanos feitos a uma divindade maligna.
Sobre a Equipe: Como é nossa primeira vez no GGJ, tivemos nossa primeira experiência de criação de um game simples...