Jojoe Longoria

Past Games

Put Blender back together, before time runs out.
Toys fall and break on the floor. You play as a Doc trying to gather the parts back together. Duck
Duckies pond drys up, help them make it to new pond. Not home unless all make it.
Transmit a flesh eating virus to melt some raccoons.
Keep a duck alive by working inside some synapses , transmitting Duckamine .
Hatch and raise an egg on a stranded island. Send your new pet on a quest for sustenance. Influence the waves to collect food and vitamins to strengthen your pet, but watch out for spike traps!
Collect five flowers and catch the sacred chikin, in classic 2d platform style. Then enter alter to perform the sacrifice, with mouse.
Help Color bring color back to his world, by bring the Color spirit to the glass jaw. Move with arrows A or D to fire left or right. SPACE BAR open the vision to help you decide what to do next.