Past Games

A 2 player time-management game set in a regular old house.
Armed with only his trusty Propswap 5000 (tm) brand property transmission pack, Cornelius Suckerton must make his way through strange environments, transmitting physical properties between objects and
Trapped in an unknown location with no visible light. Create sound waves to reveal your surroundings and solve the mystery of your predicament.
Collect the sacred artifacts, perform the ritual and ascend to godhood to destroy your friends...
You must help your grandmother make it home but everything is not as it seems. First person controls: WASD to Move, E to pick up and drop object. Mouse to look.
Murder 101 is a two to four player game in which you play an assassin at the local park. Your objective is to kill ten of your targets, but beware, the other assassins can kill you too when they feel you are close through vibrations in the controller (or if you're being too obvious). Once you have killed your targets or you're the last remaining assassin on the killing field, will you then be known as the ultimate assassin.