John Vladman

Past Games

We love cats. There are some people who don't, and even claim that they are evil. Upon this false premise we created our game "Meownomicon".
Treclipse Festival is a solo tabletop game, where you embody the role of a noble Blorgbozoid alien, who has the esteemed position of being responsible for the department of the lost & found items
Welcome to our GGJ page! This year we created Coven. Coven is a multiplayer digital card game with a drafting mechanism.
This team decision board game follows the Interstellar ship Lieserl (named after Einstein's lost child) and its perilous journey through a Black Hole.
:: Duality won First place in Global Game Jam Athens 2014 :: A 2D platformer-puzzle game, with minimalistic artstyle about our inner conflicts. 2 worlds, 2 characters, 2 finish lines.