Past Games

You are the wave in a stadium of people doing the wave. Quickly find the grumps who don't want to do the wave, and run into them to eject them!
A card and phone texting game. Texting today is such a tragedy. Swype keyboards, speech-to-text, and phone hardware keyboards have ruined the culture of abbreviating texts in cryptic, near undecipherable tiny messages. <3 brings back the golden days of texting by forcing players to type length constrained messages to each other. U R gona <3 it! Check the bottom of this page for the rules.
You are a British cattle farmer in the in the 1990s. With the progress of science and the rising costs of living, the cattle industry has creatively turned to cow recycling - feeding one cow from the remains of another. However, this innovation has fueled Mad Cow Disease, infecting the feed market. With the government inspectors threatening to cull all your cattle, you’ve got to turn the most profit before the market closes for good!
The unquenchable thirst for oil led to greed, hate, violence, all out destruction. Man’s technology, man’s progression, man’s innovation were all man’s demise. The things man created to protect, to heal, and to harm other men, rose up against man. When man fashioned life into the artificial beings, man also passed on his thirst for oil. This unquenchable thirst would lead to the age of machine coming to pass. In a world without man, a world without life, a world without faith, a single glimmer of hope remains. Hope of life, hope of clean air and clear skies. A hope known as Gaiya. The source of deep root. Play as the last hope of life “Deep Root” and navigate your way through layers of earth and the remains of a world once inhabited to spring forth and spark life. Use the right and left arrow to avoid obstacles and find the path leading to light. A game that deals with moving and avoiding obstacles while maintain a sense of survival. You play as a seed that sprouts and has to grow into a flourishing tree.