Past Games

With the years there is a desire that never passes, it is unique, profound and characterizes every human being.
A local-multiplayer fighting game where you control two salamanders by poking their brains
This is a game of Hunt&Seek. The requires 2 xbox controllers. Hide with "A" Take a picture with "B" After a match reset the game with "START" button.
This is a Oculus Touch game. You are a Doctor with not much medical knowledge (!?), so you need the support of an external player with the medical scores of all the patients (pdf file linked in Tec
=The Intro= Since the ancient times athletic contests were rituals to honor the gods and goddesses.
Game of Tongues is an arena survival game.
STEEL DADDY is flash based Pluztformer (puzzle+platformer) and it's the tale of the son of a mad scientist, Dr. Dok, who was just about to take over the world that discriminated his deadly warmachines for years when he nearly died in an accident making an army of them. Remaining with only his brain saved by his drones in a jar with a metal jaw, he calls for the help of his son, which has to complete the work that his father started by fixing dangerous robot army. Our takes on the theme of the jam is by giving the objective of repairing the robots hearts, we also pushed it with visual and music assets. -UPDATE- STEEL DADDY It's also the winner of the "Best Polished Game" prize at Rome chapter! Thanks for everyone that voted for us! The game is powered by the FLASH ENGINE made by Alcapa Games, Level Design and Music is by Midian of Rising Pixel and Graphics are made by Joel Fallerini and Nicolò Azzolini! SPECIAL MENTIONS: Luca Di Gennaro for his AWESOME help with the music, you rock man!
You can't see anything, but you can feel the fear of your preys and find them by their heartbeat. Hold firmly your x-box controller, roam around the level and feel the rumble: the closer you'll get to your terget the stronger its heartbeat will be.

Hearty Games