Past Games

A top-down cooperative zombie defense game. Infected players may turn on their friends, so watch out!
Perform rituals to refill your godly power, and use your powers to guide your followers to victory in this top-down RTS. Different gods have different powers, and their followers must perform diffe
Play as the Purple Prince and liberate candy from dishonest elves!
Little Rachael needs a heart transplant! Wander the neighborhood harvesting organs to save your daughter! Collect hearts and return home to see how closely they match your daughter. Sell those hearts you don't need to the black market to get better weapons, lab equipment, or to prolong your daughter's life. Remember, mass murder is perfectly fine, so long as you have a heroic motive!
As a being of shadow and slime, you must use your own life to power your abilities. Use this power to summon weapons and magic to defeat other creatures of this foul world, but beware: misuse will kill you as surely as any foe.