Past Games

One house. One dream. Four fighters. Just one can be the owner of the property, you'll have to give your blood to be the winner and have a place to call home. The others?
After rebelling against his people, the phoenix disobeying the orders, helped the salamanders. Phoenix was then punished and sent into a maze of darkness.
Pulsar is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star that emits wave pulses across the space. There are several Pulsars in the Universe, but only one repeater station left. Use the pulse to get
Proclivity is a game about the every day ritual of every person. Every people have your own rituals, but some have rituals...
What do we do now? Our lives are changing constantly, We are always trying to find something that help us to keep going and satisfy us.
What can you do when you are a kid that hates vegetables but your mother forces you to eat them? That’t easy! Just hop in on your imaginary spaceship and destroy all of those nasty vegetables.
Nara is a very naughty kitty that loves to play, especially with humans. One fine day, Nara was so bored that he decided to escape his enclosure in search of adventure!
The little red square represents the heart, and falling squares are the problems of life. If avoid them they will fall over you even more and more , but if you face them you will learn from it and get stronger, but sometimes are so many problems, and your heart just can't take it anymore, so you deserve a rest, and a new beginning. O pequeno quadrado vermelho é o seu coração, e os quadrados que caem, problemas da vida, você pode fugir deles, mas isso só fara eles caírem mais e mais sobre você, mas se você os enfrentar, você se torna mais forte, e seu coração maior. Mas em certos momentos o coração não suporta tantos problemas então é a hora que se deve descansar, e começar outra vez.
You are a skydiver and you have to open your parachute in the right time. Você é um paraquedista e tem que abrir o para-quedas na hora certa.
Gecko is a small dragon that was invoked by a magician at the present time and given the task of searching for arcane symbols and gold, however, dragons are not welcomed in the city...