Jimmy Sambuo

Past Games

Story: In a time of doom and gloom, when the Drag is real. Only the hippist cleric has the groovy to heal the soul.
This is a four player game where you lay down arrows to redirect data packet transmissions to your tower. Pirate the most data packets within a minute to win! Works with controllers. Hold 'A
You are a Siren who lives beneath the waves, hunted by other sea creatures.
You are creating a new cult. Define the rituals for your cult and gather as many followers as you can!
You and four other world leaders must work together to save the world for 10 years. However, some of your world leaders have another agenda and wants to create a device of doom.
­Four Players start in four corners, each with a randomized emotion. Each player must shoot the other players with gumballs of different emotions. Happy gives the player a "happy bomb"

Hearty Games