Jimmy Moya

Past Games

This game represents the duality between soul and body inside a fragmented soul of a faun warrior. These fragmented souls through a maze trying to help the body of the faun to get reincarnation.
It is a multiplayer game in which 2 players must compete to be the best repairman. Each player must solve the sequences of buttons to repair an object, even repair more in a minute win.
You and your children are in danger! As a mother you are the protection and home of your little toadpoles. Throw them at your enemies to prevent them to eat them, but beware!
Sinopsis: Emma y Larry se encuentran una casa abandonada a la mitad de una tempestad con granizo en Buenos aires el 22 de junio de 1918, dentro de la casa Emma es separada de Larry y aparece el fanta
You are a big mountain, in love with a pretty hill, but everything goes wrong when the human started to habitate your valley, you must clean everything from humans using earthquakes, but beign careful