Past Games

Hello everyone Jammer We WolvEden are excited to present the games we have been working on at Global Game Jam 2021. In Theme: Lost and Found, we interpret the matter of Some of our childhood joys h
This game about the Cyber City has been attacked by Zombie-Robot, then will play as Cyber Commando to save the city from them.
This game about Martin soul, Martin is a doctor, he travel to the someplace he see a necromancer do something about magic and ritual of soul, he don't belive about world of soul, he disdain to n
This is a game about virus computer. You are the virus computer, you must go to destroy the computer system by make corrupt programs and attack the main system in the computer system. But !, It'
In Jimmy's adventure you will experience new ways to see things.Open your mind and think out of the box to help Jimmy escape from monsters. Be careful and wise before using any given objects bec