Past Games

Shape Factory is an exciting 2 player factory matching game.
You're a small town. A little dot on the map. Population: 10. So why are aliens attacking you?! We're not sure...
VR Space Guardian saves earth aliens, while humans escape to find a new home among the stars. This game was made in Unity for the Microsoft VR Mixed Reality Headsets.
Tran is a spoof of Tron the movie and the arcade game. It blends movie clips from the movie with arcade style game play. Controls: Player 1: ASWD (QE) Player 2: JKIL (UO)
Laugh Kingdom is a LAN network multiplayer game, where multiple players are racing against each other to collect the most jokes and fill their joke meter.
The millennial rejuvenation ritual has commenced. You have been honored with the task of restoring our planet's power.