Past Games

Race to be the first caterpillar to get the cookie in this QWOP-style multiplayer caterpillar racing game. Controls - Right Trigger - Grab with Head Right Stick - Move Head Left Trigger - Grab w
This is a Twitter bot interactive narrative where you make decisions that influence whether your mission succeeds or fails.
*UPDATE* This game has been worked on past the game jam. We're raising money on Kickstarter and are showing at the 2014 Boston Festival of Indie Games!
Secret Surgeon is an augmented reality game where you fix broken hearts. Scan through the crowd to find the hearts that are sick and rid them of everything from cheeseburgers to UFOs and viking helmets!
Your robo-minions must make their way to their only hope for world domination - the Robot Building Machine Building Machine. (No that's not a typo). Play through multiple rounds of the same level - your previous run-throughs replay alongside your current run-through so you must think several rounds ahead to get to the end of the level!