Past Games

Nos encontramos en la región más pequeña de la Antigua Suecia conocida desde hace siglos como Öblat, cuyo poblado más icónico llamado Borgholm esta inmerso en el ritual de toma de juramento.
The Test is a plataformer/puzzle game about cooperation and perspective.
"EREBO" is the story about a human enginereed plague whose only objective is cause as many causalities as possible. To achieve this goal, the "EREBO" virus cells have to travel through their host's body and reach the heart, moment in which the heart collapses and the host dies. "EREBO" is a sidescrolling plataformer with 3D graphics, with a quicktime event that will put hardcore gamers on their toes. The game's artistic direction is meant to be cartoonish, however the game it's not recommended for young audiences due to the ammount of gore in it.