Jess Millar

Past Games

A small adventure game created by Matthew Withers, Mark Lavoie, Jessica Rowsell, Jess Millar, Ryan Hodges and Connor Hennessy. Not all assets made it in due to the time constraints.
Infect as many people in the club as you can with DANCE FEVER, but be careful the temperature doesn't get too high!
GGJ 2016 theme: Ritual **When in the main menu press 'N' for new game and 'E' to exit the game You play as a little girl in a world where everyone is made of paper. By day you move around the world (A, or D) butting up people. By Night you paste the pieces of people on to your very own demon in hopes to summon them. (At night press space to grab a piece of a person and left mouse click to paste them on the demon) At any point press 'escape' to return to the main menu. **All sounds and music were not made by the developers of this game**