Jeroen Matser

Past Games

Boris the Space-Whale found himself on an abandoned space station. Luckily the space station remains operative.
Survive this crazy arena! Fight off the evil minions of Wizard Willy! Use your spells for victory!
Combo is a game in which three players work together to achieve a common goal. The catch is that every now and then, the controls swap, causing a typical "What do we do now?" experience.
Two robots are teleported to a ship to make repairs before malfunctions destroy it. Due to a transporter segmentation fault, the control modules of the two robots are swapped.
Fix wounds by building bridges of cells. You'll see why this is fun, once you're playing it. Enjoy!
Size Matters is an abstract puzzle/platformer game in which the player is able to change size to solve puzzles
Eradicate the inhabitants of a warring planet.
A girl in the comfort of her bed - robbed of her best friend. This cannot stand - and so she storms out to free her friend back from the clutches of evil.