Past Games

Relive your childhood by playing in a virtual doll house.
About two countries trying to stop the invading alien forces. You and your friend are in charge of your cities defenses.
See the world through your opponents eyes but don't see yourself get shot.
In this game you are taking care of your virtual pet: Barbarossa. Barbarossa gets distressed by everything. Especially when something bad is about to happen to his favourite BonZai tree called Ken. Barbarossa is very eager to take care of Ken and if Ken's in danger, he panics. For example he can stress too much by Ken getting too much heat from the lamp above. Or maybe he just panics without reason, or because there's too much blood bleading out from his heart... Or maybe he just panics because he panics so much. Your job is to know, what Barbarossa is panicking about and help him and calm him down by stabilizing his heart before he dies.