Past Games

Play as the Purple Prince and liberate candy from dishonest elves!
Break free from the chains of !!!SCIENCE!!! and carve a path of destruction on your quest for freedom! Diversifiers: Backwards -> Everyone expects to be able to drag the robot limbs and move the robot as a whole. You must actually move each limb one at a time.
As a being of shadow and slime, you must use your own life to power your abilities. Use this power to summon weapons and magic to defeat other creatures of this foul world, but beware: misuse will kill you as surely as any foe.
Make it Stop is a bizarre game for 3-6 players on a single computer. Players control the last remaining non-life on the Terran Hypersphere: Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men. They engage in a quest to end the insanity of their reckless nonexistence as quickly as possible over a course of ELEVEN subsequent rounds, and the player who succeed in extinguishing his or her unlife the fastest is proclaimed the winner. EPILEPTICS BEWARE!