Jeff Hung

Past Games

HOPS is a VR Roomscale game about physically traversing various obstacle courses in high places.
Guide the strange Udon monster through the binary-operated world. Your finger changes the world and create the path for the Udon monster towards freedom, or death! It is weird. Play it!
Inspired by the movie Don't Breathe. You are blind, and for some reason, going after your target. Both of you are locked in a basement. Armed with your heightened sense of hearing and awaren
Your life depends on the failure of this ritual!
Marching On! Salute! No matter what happen! Control: Left Foot: left arrow or > or ' or ] or ) Right Foot: right arrow or < or ; or [ or ( Left Hand: Z or A or Q or 1 or Ctrl Right
A simple puzzle platformer game, where player needs to figure out how to fix the future self by jumping around milestone of life for 5 seconds and altering the past. Presented in cute style with dark